Thursday, March 13, 2014

Testimoni dapatkan SHAPE BODY pengguna PB

Testimoni from CDM Naa Kamaruddin

Now, i'm a proud mom of my 10 months old boy..bila pangkat dah jadi mommy ni, semua sizes pon naik sekali ;) haha..all comes together in one stretch marks!! so, of course i am not comfortable with the post pregnancy figure..sape nak kan, the jeans from size 25 to size 28 with all the flabby jellies all around :( 

During confinement, I was so depressed to see my own figure in the mirror, but still hoping that i will be back on shape after few months.  After confinement, i tried to put on my pants and jeans and kebaya..uwarrghhhhh!!~ I can no longer wear those pants and clothes. what am i going to wear??? 

After few months, i managed to slim down my body..BUT sgt sgt sgt lah lambat. Every now n then, i tried to put on my KEBAYA. lama2 tuh boleh la push nak masuk, tapi nampak mcm tersiksa jer pakai. One day, i got  an interview, i was digging my old office wear and searching for the right one. Then I realised, I am STILL FAT!!! I couldn't wear those old shirts and pants anymore..and MR hubby could only laugh..(KEJAM!)

NOW, with PremiumBeautiful i can see the TRANSFORMATION instantly!
I got the PERFECT hour glass figure and yeayyyy, i can wear all my old clothes and pants. MR hubby is now smiling and admiring my NEW figure  ;)

This is me..after 40 days of confinement

After 2 months...

After 8 months....

ON THE FIRST DAY of wearing PB..

i can get the perfect figure instantly! 
AMAZING PB = PremiumBeautiful
and i'm loving it more and more and more...........


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