Thursday, July 17, 2014

5 Things You Didn't Know About Premium Beautiful

I've seen a lot on TV lately about 10 Things You Didn't Know About... One of which peaked my interest was 10 Things You Didn't Know About Malaysia! So here's my attempt to share with you the 5 Things You Didn't Know About Premium Beautiful! (in my opinion) Not that many I'm afraid but hey, it's something!

Did you know?

No. 5 - The Original name was in fact just "Beautiful".

When Premium Beautiful first came out in the market back in 1992, it wasn't called Premium Beautiful, it was actually just "Beautiful" but the product was such a tremendous hit in the market and a lot of competition soon followed that it was decided to add the word Premium, to distinguish it from the crowd and to what we know today as "Premium Beautiful Lingerie" or "Premium Beautiful".

No. 4 - Premium Beautiful had more colours.

Black & White version.

Today we all know Premium Beautiful comes in only black colour with the exception of Premium Beautiful Elegance in grey (2013), but did you know that Premium Beautiful used to have in an all white version? The all white colour version ceased from production as the white version is easier to get dirty and is obvious when stained.

No. 3 - The only corset embedded with Far Infrared Ray.

I guess this is obvious, but a lot of people didn't know that Premium Beautiful is the only corset, body shaper in the market that combines the benefit of body shaping withembedded Far Infrared Ray (FIR). FIR is known worldwide for it's health benefits and numerous studies have proven the benefit of using FIR technology for it's users.

No. 2 - The same price since the beginning.

Yes, unlike other prices for many things since 1992, Premium Beautiful Corset price has remained almost the same price since it's introduction till today! 

And the now for the...

No. 1 Thing You Didn't Know About Premium Beautiful?

The material used - Akwatek & Akwadyne is not only a special material which dissipates heats when hot and keeps heat when cold. But it was chosen specifically due to the weather factor in Malaysia. Temperatures in Malaysia during the day can reach as high as 38 degrees! and without the use of proper material, wearers would feel terribly uncomfortable. 

Hence, the choice of Akwatek & Akwadyne is suitable for use in not just hot temperature but also cold (air-conditioned offices). This choice helps the wearer to feel comfortable throughout the day.

So there you go, the list of the 5 Things You Didn't Know About Premium Beautiful that I have. Feel free to comment and if you'd like this article, please do share it with friends & family.

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