Sunday, April 10, 2016

Another my Inspiration Cdm Naa

Your MIND is more powerful than your body and can control what your maximum limits are. 

Allowing yourself to mentally FOCUS on a GOAL is the first step to push yourself to getmaximum productivity out of yourself. If you tell your mind that you must complete something, do not allow your body to stop you from completing it. Reject what your body tells you and only listen to your mind.
As i joined this business, i have listed all my goals and now i am working towards achieving it one by one..

1. Learn about Products, Marketing, Strategy
- Attending classes every Wednesday and Saturday (yes, i pushed and disciplined myself to attend every classes without ponteng, THIS IS A MUST!)
- CONSULT leader! from time to time, I will seek for help and guidance from my leader. 

2. Senior SALES MANAGER in 3 weeks time
SHARE with the people around  me and form a group/team of new business partners.
TEAMWORK is very important. This time around, i will teach them and share more to develop them into Sales Manager like me.
- Work harder to qualify myself for the FREE tickets to Hong Kong. I have only 1 month, so time management is very important! PRIORITIZE your work and responsibilities will help.

4. Get FREE WATCH / achieving RM 100,000 SALES/month
- For a new comer like me, I have to push extra hard and work smart!
- To achieve RM100K sales for my 1st month is quite impossible..but with HARDWORK andRIGHT ATTITUDE, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

So remember that your mind will control what you do and not your body. Do not let your emotions dictate what you can complete. Make sure that you set your goals and set your schedule to meet your goals. 
In just one month time, being in this line of business, i have gained so much and i have also develop my confidence. 
THE NEW ME will not giving up easily 
and will STRIVE till the end!